Welcome! I'm Val.
I'm a junior Game and Level Designer, and Unity Programmer.
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Hello world!

My name is Val Isautier and I'm a graduate Game Design student from CNAM-ENJMIN.
I'm looking for new opportunities as a Game Designer, Level Designer or Unity Programmer.

I'm a former front-end web developer, and I graduated from my engineering school, ECE Paris, in 2016. I have a strong background in web and games development, but my passion is and has always been Game and Level Design.

Player experience is one of my main concerns. I want to create emotions, sensations, memories, and make the players feel by playing my games.

By designing levels, worlds and mechanics, I aim to create experiences that will deeply move players.

My projects
Drawing of a protagonist on a low-tech windsurf, gliding on a jade and red sand mountain.


Master 2 project (team of 11 students), 2018/2019

This fast-paced arcade gliding game is also a boss fight.
As the windsurfer, fight gigantic monsters to scavenge their Core and survive in this low-tech, post-post-apocalyptic world.

My work: Game Design, Level Design, Worldbuilding and narration, Unity integration.

The text Every System Down is written in a console with a caret

Every System Down

Master 1 project (team of 5 students), 2018

Trapped in the cockpit of a sinking submarine, your only hope lies in your complex, old-fashioned command panel. Guide your colleague through the ship, help them restore the engines and the pressure, but beware: if they die, you die with them.

My work: Unity and Arduino programming, Game Design (mechanics, physical device), Level Design, Narrative Design.

Drawing of a blue and yellow fantasy rabbit

Noche de Alebrijes

Half-year project (team of 9 students), 2018

This colorful 2D shoot'em up is also a rhythm game: follow the tempo to shoot your enemies for the maximum bonus!

My work: Brainstorming and pitch, documentation, Game Design (mechanics, balancing), Level Design.

Nap Simulator 2017 Enjmin Edition

Nap Simulator

Class project (team of 3 students), 2017

Manage your napping time while the teacher is not too close. If you're asleep when he's nearby, you lose! And beware of sleep deprivation...

My work: Game Design (pitch, mechanics), Processing programming.

Doom 2 map

Doom Level

Level Design class project (solo), 2017

This is a custom Doom II Level, made with GZDoom Builder.
You're a prisonner in some sort of lab, but what the hell happened here??

My work: Level Design (world building, difficulty management), Narrative Design (storytelling withing the level).

Panem et Circences

Panem & Circences

Panem & Circences

Entry for ENJMIN application contest, 2017

This 2 to 4-player tabletop game is based on the novel Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de La Boétie. The Monarch tries to keep the city under their control with brothels and games, while the Citizen(s) stir up the revolution by educating the people.

My work: Original idea, mechanics, playtests, documents redaction.

The text Gray's Adventure with a gray square, dark platforms and spikes, a red 3D box and red platforms in the ground.
Gray's Adventure
Gray's Adventure

Entry for Game à Niaque, 2015

Help Gray free the seven colors in this difficult platformer. Navigate through the levels, explore the world and don't lose your temper to beat the game!

My work: Original idea, mechanics, Level Design, Unity programming.

Phone: +33 6 26 41 40 99+33 6 26 41 40 99
Location: Montpellier (willing to relocate !)

Contact me!

Looking for a highly-motivated, dynamic and competent junior designer and/or programmer?

I'm available from August/September 2020 !